Daisy Duke

Daisy is trans male moving to female. Dresses in provocative manner (drugs ain't always the only thing on the menu sometimes, Honey.) of tight cut off shorts and bare midriff shirts. (To be fair, she has the body for it.) Has a Louisiana accent, uses Southernisms a lot

You're cute as pigs,

'Bout as useful as tits on a turtle,

Bless your heart,


Hush your mouth,

Thank you kindly,

Sweet as a peach,

Oh my stars,

Oh Hayelll No!,

Totes love, y'all,

Put on some blush and go for it girl! (regardless of gender),

You're slower than cream rising on buttermilk,

Nervous as a whore in church,

I reckon.

Daisy has licenses to sell on Metrolink stations NCTC, "The Hanley", and Scott AFB platforms