Dominique Boukman

Kin, Embraced in 1980s. Descendent of Dutty Boukman, houngan who, with Cecile Fatiman, led the ceremony selling Haiti to a powerful loa in exchange for independence. Part of that deal was Fatiman and Boukman would have a child, and the child and its descendants would become Houngans of the loa. In the 1960s the Boukman clan allied with the local canton of Kin to strengthen both against the depredations of "Poppa Doc" Duvalier and his Tonton Macoute, who venerated a different (or was it?) loa and were attempting to eliminate any alternate sources of power. The merging of Hougons and Kin led to the tradition that after a child had borne or fathered at least two children they would be Embraced. Dominique bore her offspring young to retain her youthful body after the Embrace. Every decade she spends five years traveling "'Cause I don' wan' ta get bored, Mon."

Description: Tall, attractive, dark skined, hair in tight dreads. Eyes dance with happiness, and has a huge smile that appears with little prompting. Big dimples that she knows how to use with maximum effect..

Powerful Hougan, Initiate 5.

Has Voodoo zombies at home as servants.