Hohiro Daike

Born Rusty Childers in CA, Hohiro loved drones and tech and became a Yak almost by accident when he stumbled upon a Yak infiltration team preparing to hit a Triad drug warehouse in Fresno. He jumped into the operation, using his drones to provide real-time tactical info to the assault team, and then tagged along when they exfiltrated. Initially held hostage his willing, nay enthusiastic, insistance on assisting with any activity gained him a reprieve from execution. Being fourth generation American but technically racially Japanese Hohiro was sent to Japan for Yak training but retained his SoCal sensibilities and fashion sense. Was assigned to the Kuroiban-gumi to assist with IT integration and security he had an interest in Hodo Kameko but sided with the traditionalists in the split as he did not see the New Way Yaks winning. Will be an advocate to reunite the Kuroiban-gumi with the Hodo-Kai after this adventure. Wears Hawaiian shirts and has his hair tips frosted. Talks like the surfer he was when preoccupied.

Turned against the Kuroiban-gumi after the split due to apparent death of his lover Hodo Kameko. Met Mahadevan through an online forum about Yakuza activity. After discreetly confirming Mahadevan was not a Yakuza plant, began collaborating through WhatsApp. Eventually met and hatched plan to murder Yakuza leadership and steal funds. Daike will abandon plan if it revealed Kameko is still alive, and work to hang all blame on Mahadevan. Contributes to plan by altering camera footage, disabling security systems, and collecting bodily materials for the simularicum spells.