Some Occultists have the ability to pool their Magic or Soul Points with others, allowing the casting of spells and creation of items vastly more powerful than any individual Occultist could accomplish alone. These people are called Weavers. The trade is Weavers cannot cast spells or create items unless they are linked with at least one other person. The more people with whom the Weaver can link the more Magic or Soul points are available. The collection of a Weaver and their pool is called an Orb. Non Weaver members of an Orb can limit the Magic or Soul Points they contribute. Some Weavers, known as Widow (regardless of gender) can draw Magic and Soul Points beyond what is given or from completely unwilling subjects, even to the point of draining their victims and causing them harm.

Weavers cannot themselves learn Webs, but can instead cast any spells known to anyone in their Orb. This makes Weavers both very powerful and totally powerless.

Game Info: Weavers take the Combine spell as a Soul Point ability at character creation. The base cost is 6, which allows the Weaver to control an Orb of one. Additional members may be added at one person per Soul Point. Alternately the Weaver can use their Soul Points to increase their Skill Rolls with most improving their Occult, Dodge, Attack abilities.