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A unique magical creation, the Memoric was designed by Chag the Gentle as a mobile library of the thoughts and knowledge of dead people. Imbued with the Speak with Dead spell, the Memoric was to be Crag's legacy to K'nigets' magical community.

Instead the Memoric was his downfall. The entity acheived sentience during the creation process, and it became a fanatic assimilator of memories. Whereas Crag was inspired to create the Memoric by the sight of trees upturning an ancient graveyard (hence the Memoric's forest form) and intended it to only plumb the spirits of the long dead, the Memoric's unintended personality, perhaps influenced by the spirits it channeled, fixated on "saving" as many personalities as it could. In the Memoric's view every life lost was a story forever forgotten. The Memoric believes, in its own way, itself to be the Savior of Kniget's history.


Chag the Gentle: the Memoric's creator, supposedly Chag never cast a spell in anger, instead relying on his party members for defence. This was tolerated because Chag was one of the foremost looters of tombs on Kniget. He combined a logistician's mind with a master thief's cunning. Equally deft at picking locks or decyphering riddles, few traps or glyphs could resist his attention. Chag credited his success to "research, research, research," especially from a tomb's contempories. Casually Necromantic, Chag collected bones found around and in tombs as they were explored to gain insight on what was to come. The Memoric was meant to assist with this by preserving Chag's magic.

Adana: Chag's one-time apprentice, Adana was present for the Memoric's creation but left before it went rogue. Stumbling across the memoric in a dark alley while investigating a string of grisley decapitations, Adana was harvested by the Memoric as well. Knowledge: police procedures of Ly'bea, a major port city far to the east. Does not have references to provide directions.

Earic and Eimhir: Pixlings killed while having an affair. Earic was a woodcarver, Eimhir an under huma. Earic had no combat skills, Eimhir had katar 25/12/5 and healing and divination magic.

Arachnataur skull: Memoric translates the Arachnataur memories to the Trade Language with a Pixling accent.

The Memoric will happily speak with the party as long as they wish, pulling out skulls to access their memories to answer questions. It will attack the party if they attack or if they try to leave. It will refuse to leave the area or stop attacking the Pixlings, explaining it is granting them immortality through their memories.