Cause Disease

Magic Points:



1 Creature

1 segment


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This spell enables the caster to cause a severe infection by placing their hand upon the intended victim. The victim must fail a CON check. The severity of the disease is decided by the caster (debilitating or fatal). The exact details of the disease are decided by the Storyteller, but the following are typical:

Debilitating: When the disease takes effect the subject takes penalties on any dice roll per the table below. The disease breaks either after the victim has received a Cure Disease spell or after rolling a cumulative three Critical Successes. The Critical Successes do not need to be consecutive, ignore any 1R or 2R penalties, and the attempted action automatically succeeds. When the disease breaks the PC recovers fully after 24 hours of rest.

Spell Duration Modifier to Victim’s Roll
< 15 Minutes Roll Normally
15 - 30 Minutes All roll targets are Hard
30 - 45 Minutes All roll targets are Extreme
45 - 60 Minutes All roll targets are Extreme, 1R Disadvantage
60 Minutes + All roll targets are Extreme, 2R Disadvantage

Fatal: Casters must roll a Hard or better success to make a disease Fatal, and the victim rolls CON at 1R Advantage. If the casting roll is a Normal or the CON check succeeds, the victim suffers the Debilitating disease symptoms instead.

The disease takes effect over the course of a week. Cure wound spell rolls for regained hit points have a 1R Disadvantage while the disease is in effect; wounds heal at only 10% of the natural rate. Each week the victim must make a CON check or suffer the penalties in the table below.Roll penalties mirror that from the Debilitating version of the spell. Hit Points lost to CON loss cannot be regained through normal or magical healing unless the disease if cured. CON loss is rounded up to the nearest whole number. If CON gets to 0 the character has died.

The disease can be cured only by magical means. If the disease is cured the victim must make a POW check or lose 10 points of CON from their previous total. The lost points can be regained through normal stat progression. (For example: Boll the Balladeer has just been cured of Cause Disease. His CON score before the spell was 60. He fails his POW check and instead of being restored to 60 CON he instead has a CON score of 50. He can raise that by succeeding at Stat increase rolls from adventuring.)

Spell Duration Spell Effects
First Week All roll targets are Hard
Second Week 10% CON loss, All roll targets are Extreme
Third Week 10% CON loss, All roll targets are Extreme, 1d6 HP damage daily
Fourth Week 10% CON loss, All roll targets are Extreme, 2d6 HP damage daily
Fifth Week + 10% CON loss, All roll targets are Extreme, 3d6 HP damage daily

The reverse of the Cause Disease spell is Cure Disease.