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(Magic Points)
2d6 Special Special 10 minutes

This spell can return the dead to life - if the caster is willing to pay the price.

This spell requires the body of the deceased to be effective, as it heals the corpse's wounds and returns the soul to the damaged host. The caster and any fellow participants sacrifice HP and POW to heal the body and revivify the soul. The HP can be regained through normal (not magical) healing but the sacrificed POW are permanently lost. The participants' POW level can still increase by raising character statistics.

Special: Casting and Maintain Cost - The resurrected receives HP and POW on a 1 to 1 basis as the spell participants lose an equivelant amount. Multiple participants can spread the cost of raising the dead to limit the impact on any one person. The spell pulls a visible thread of blood from the revivers to the revived while the magic is active.

Deeper magic: The base version of this spell requires all participants to voluntarily sacrifice their HP and POW. It is known there is a darker alternate which allows the caster to tear the HP and POW from unwilling victims. The caster must succeed in an opposed POW roll with each potential victim. Healthy and alert victims get 1RA or 2RA on their rolls, while weakened or unconscious victims have a 1RD.

Alternative names: The Lazarus Affect, Revivification, Not Today.