Mick Gaffney

Kin, approximately 150 old, Irish Accent. Grew up in Boston, North End neighborhood, the son of a Civil War vet saloon owner and his wife. Embraced in 1922 at the Speakeasy he ran, Mick has been managing taverns and bars for almost 150 years. When tapped by the 3Bs to run Twilight, Mick chose to return to the Speakeasy theme for the aura of illicitness he knew the 3Bs wanted to create. Mick takes an easy hands-on approach to managing, mingling with the customers, buying drinks, etc. Since Twilight is supposed to be an escape, not make a profit, Mick's management is judged by how well the body count inside the bar keeps down the body count in the streets.

Description: Burly build, black hair, blue eyes, freckles, easy grin, slightly crooked teeth. Wears jeans and t-shirts, usually with Boston sports logos or "Boston Strong" on them (Oy, boyo: you can take a laddy out of Boston, but ya canna take Boston out a' the lad). Allows pretty much any type of hedonism except bar fights, carries a small pressurized bottle of Holy Water to deal with combatants who won't stop (works like mace). Otherwise usually has fighters buy each other (and him) a drink and make up before kicking them out for the night.