Ancient Vampire, used to be priest, physician and embalmer to the Egyptian pharohs. He was a disciple of Imhotep. After being Turned in 2647 B.C. he became a priest of Anubis and continued his work as chief embalmer, feeding on slaves and living in the Crypts. Author of the Westcar Papyrus. Finds the mistranslations amusing. Uses the term maa-cheru when refering to ancient kings and queens.

Description: Medium height, large hook nose, very precise movements, no wasted movement. Eyes are dark and penetrating. Hair is black, skin brown.

Befriended Moses, accompanied him on trek out of Egypt carried in the Arc of the Covenant.

Shop: East Side Haberdashery and Tailor. "Old Fashioned Fashion For the Modern Man." The store is only open from dusk to dawn. The windows are sealed off from the store but display well made hats and clothes of a slightly archaic style.

On the door of the store is a small sticker for "All Seeing Eye" Security. The icon is an eye floating over a pyramid like the USD. Let party make incorrect correlation with Illuminati