Lembing Benderang

"The Bleeding Spear"

Lembing Benderang (LB) is a 6.5' spear, half blade and half hardwood (teak) handle. The spear also has a matching wooden sheath which is slightly larger than the shaft. Both shaft and sheath are carved with simple patterns. The blade is dark and appears to be speckled with rust.

Made from a magically preserved Rust Monster antenna, Lembing Benderang is called "The Bleeding Spear" because of the red stains rust leaves on clothes. Lembing was created by a Nire adventurer, Tito Suparmin, to even the playing field when fighting better armored opponents. Such was its fame that Tito could often be located in battle by the flow of heavily armored warriors fleeing an area. The spear, and Tito, were lost when the ship they were on was carried off by a Garuda, a roc of the Southern Seas. Years later Tito's body and Lembing were found in a small cavern deep in the Stonepoint Underdark where Tito had committed suicide to avoid death by privation.

Game Stats:
Successful attacks against ferrous metal objects cause the metal to decay into a red cloud of rust flakes. The first attack against an unsuspecting opponent rolls at 2R Advantage. Attacks afterward roll at 1R Advantage unless the target foregoes all other actions except avoiding the wielder's attacks. Weapons are useless after one strike from Lembing, metal shields are 50% as effective after the first successful strike and useless after the second, and armor is 50% effective after the first successful strike, 25% effective after the second, and ineffective after the third. Tower shields (because of their size) follow the rules for armor. Any weapon used to attack Lembing's wielder can be targeted in a counter attack with Lembing's wielder getting rolling at 1R Advantage. Magical weapons and armor get an opposing POW roll with a skill of twice the number of Soul Points used to create the item vs. the wielders spear skill. Intelligent magical items add their INT to their skill roll. Lembeng causes 1d10 points of damage, like a normal two-handed spear.