Beads of the Saint

A long string (approx. 2 feet) of carved hardwood and bone beads strung on thick twine.

The island of Freeburg has a quaint local custom of occasionally sacrificing a person to the central volcano as a bribe to prevent eruptions. Whereas the current pirate residents utilize slaves for this duty, the original villagers would draw lots to a victim. The man selected during one of the lotteries, a sub-chief, refused to accept the decision and rallied his family behind him. The village split into factions and, with the volcano spewing smoke and ash, was on the brink of conflict when a young woman named Koa snuck to the lip of the caldera and sacrificed herself willingly. The volcanic activity subsided and the tradition has been maintained, if irregularly, since that time.

Koa's consciousness spontaneously transferred to the beads upon her death. She has been in a catatonic state since then, but was awakened once the Beads were removed from the volcano. She stayed quiet while with Shareesh as she feared he would sell her. Koa's consciousness can see and hear the immediate vicinity and she will wait to reveal herself until she feels the people in the vicinity will utilize her abilities in a selfless and positive manner.

Game Stats:

Sentient: Yes. Personality is kind and giving. Unlike most sentient items, Koa kept her memories.

Koa and the Beads can lend their wearer Magic Points to power their spells, like an Orb supports their Weaver. Koa will refuse to assist if she feels the caster is working for selfish or evil ends, and if tricked will withhold support until the caster has apologized and atoned. Koa has 16 Magic Points and her contribution can be used like Shadow Rock to power a spell beyond the normal three Weave limit. Her Magic Points cannot be used to create new magic items.

Koa has a limited form of ESP which allows her to detect intelligent creatures within 30' and their surface thoughts. She will not reveal herself to those of ill or selfish intent.

Koa also has a rudimentary form of racial memory due to the multiple generations of Nana's infused into the necklace. This gives her a 5% - 15% chance to succeed on a knowledge based skill roll (That looks like a Shrieking Eel! They always get louder when they are about to feed on humanoid flesh!) She obviously cannot perform physical skills, but she may be able to offer advice to increase a characters chance of success (the bunny comes out of the hole, runs around the tree, then goes back down the hole...). Storytellers can set the skill roll target number or roll a d6 with 1-2 = 5%, 3-4 = 10%, and 5-6 = 15%.

Koa can see through the eyes of someone wearing the necklace. Due to her cultural mores she will ask to be removed to avoid exposure to nudity or intercourse.

The Beads must fail a POW check to suffer damage. If they are destroyed Koa's consciousness and abilities will be gone forever.